Friday, September 28, 2007

Borrowed from Catwalq

Accent: Plain with a dash of American(sometimes o).........

Booze: Smirnoff Ice, Gordon Spark, Good Wine

Chore I Hate: Spring cleaning

Dogs/Cats: Puppies....I can get rid of dem as dogs

Essential electronics: A correct Mobile Phone, LCD TV, a Home Theatre sound system, a Laptop(with Internet of course!)

Favourite Perfume: Givenchy, Evidence(for now)

Gold/Silver: Platinum

Hometown: Otor-Owhe, Isoko North, Delta State

Insomnia: Sometimes (I wonder why)

Job title: Call Centre Agent (something more proffessional's in d makin)

Kids: Love to.....

Living arrangements: Me own room in a house big enough to accomodate a family(good enough?)…

Most admired trait: My friendliness, and pple like dat am easy to relate with and fun to be around!!!!

Number of sexual partners: Heeheehee

Overnight hospital stays: There were lots as a child, d last was while I was in University......

Phobia: Failure , Humiliation of any kind

Quote: "Go back to winning isn't everything? Dat does not.........compute"

Religion: Pentecostal

Siblings: 3 Sisters!!!

Time I usually awake: When I just have to get out of bed

Unusual talent: Still trying to figure it out

Vegetable I refuse to eat: I know of fruits and dats water melon(I hate d stuff)

Worst habit: Lazing around.....Just not doing anything(sigh!)

X-rays: Been a while

Yummy foods I make: Indomie, Grains, and a few pots of soup( ;)) )

Zodiac sign: Leo!


NikkiSab said...

spring cleaning??? Hmm... well i 2nd d hating water melon cos i am bound to swallow seeds. My sis no b only u for accent o, sometimes i de doubt my nationality, e b like say i get small texas,scottish,irish,ibo and hausa accent. I swear i'm supposed to be mixed. lol

Atutupoyoyo said...

I like your accent :-)

.....and do you have a special Indomie technique?

Onome said...

@nikki: i swear spring cleaning can be a drag and notice how sometimes it take da whole day???
@atututpoyoyo: thanks(giggle) as for d indomie thingy u'd have to find out(wink!)


Isoko, huh? mavo!

Onome said...

@ NP:ma rie....hi!!! thanks for stopping by:-)


american accent ke?
who dash you?

Onome said...

@IBD:stop hatin' dude...u know am right(lol)