Wednesday, April 23, 2008


ave come across a number of blog posts wer d writer had nothing much to say but just started talking anyway and d write up ended as something interesting...hopefully dis will be like one of those sitting at my desk yawning for the umpteenth time..fiddling with my chat window, struggling to play online games but cant bcos my mouse has gone bonkers on me so am losing more often...(i hate dat and i feel am not given a fair deal..if my mouse were working nicely i'd have been d master by now) i look for d bazillionth time at my chat window and i decide its time to change d pic but i wonder wat to put der....
well, i considered dis one

but I fear my parents reaction(yep ave exposed myself..I even fear dia reaction more should dey stumble on d post..[does dat mean i should use it ? well...liver never reach me yet and the few opinions I could have sought cant view d pics on dia own yahoo chat whethere i use it or not(sigh) bloggers wat say u? should I damn the consequences and use this? or look for something more saintly like dis?

Monday, April 14, 2008

And his name is..............

drums rolling......BOBO!!!!
after due consideration the management of the zoe vehicle has decided to rebrand for better took into cognisance the fact that the owner of the vehicle is a female...and zoe is a female to prevent negative impressions of er...(ahem)peculiar tastes we have decide to rename him BOBO!!!
Y Bobo u ask? simple...who's the person who likes u ladies and treats u right? who do you ride? who's always by u to the end? who performs to your satisfaction virtually all the time?? who pampers u and who do you pamper....who most times wen all is well never really lets u down??? your BOBO!!! sooooooo with all dat and a lot more in mind we are renaming Zoe as Bobo...she is no more a frail ginger female but a strapping well endowed male(wink) ready to meet the management's needs and perform to the highest and longest period of time...ready to go to any length and please the owner....Thank you blogsville for your support...we look forward to a bright future with BOBO!!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

"I still love you"

When I heard about your person, I desired you...I longed to meet you, to know you, to feel you...the chance came and we joy new no bounds; I resolved to please you, to flaunt you everywhere, to tell the world you were mine...a bright future beckoned..until we started relating...I was a bit shaky at first..making earnest mistakes I quickly apologised and made up for, I gave u everything I could possibly think of...I worked hard to keep you happy and comfortable...I introduced you to friends and family..indeed u were my have begun a display I struggle hard to fathom..u choose to disappoint me at will with little or no regard for all I have done and still do for you...just this morning we were having so much fun or so I thot, until we came across a bump and u started again...forgetting that I had just worked on you about a week ago..u have done this so many times before and I have over-looked..its getting too painful..Zoe..u dey fall my hand o

Well, I still love you and am happy I have you..and I'll never be sorry for an instant that you came into my life...but I will appeal to you to remember how we started and move on together from there..we can't go back to the way things were...but we can move forward abeg Zoe, am begging you infront of blogsville, try for me, let your silencer behave itself..I can't stand that horrible sound it makes and that I cant speed..I cant stand that it chops my fuel and then I have to endure another inconvenience of taking transport to work..Please zoe please..I need you in tip top a good girl, and I'll be a good girlfriend...