Sunday, July 24, 2011

here again

Dis blogsville is pretty boring these days o....hmmm..where's d action people???(Lol)

Ok so I have noticed d year is over again...august is around d corner, and am asking myself, how has d year been so two words, not bad....stuff has happened..bombings, bomb scares, I got an armed robber scare in my neighbour hood once(unforgettable) fact since ders nothing to do lemme gist fateful evening on my way home from work...armed with a parcel I had picked up early that day, and my takeaway dinner(I happened to eat out), the cab driver and I were engaged in small talk till we got to a turn leading to my estate gate...we saw people running off and cars speeding away...the cab guy said "armed robbers"...and put off d car, opened d door and ran off..I was momentarily stunned and in a state of panic opened d door and ran off..lucky for me my bag was on my lap so I grabbed that, and my food but not my parcel and bolted...I had never known fear like that night...I thought of getting shot, or beaten...and I kept feeling I wasn't fast enough bcos people kept passing where was I running to? There happened to be a short cut to my estate..and that's where I was headed..but in my confusion ran into some sort of barricade...I wanted to hide there but I feared being found out so I took off again...theeeeen I noticed d running had stopped and people were asking what the hell was going on...I heard an angry person remark "una dey run una no even look wetin dey make u run"....of course I wasn't going to walk back to d gate so I promptly took d short cut and got home...called my sisters and my dad...and gisted them when I got retrsopect it was pretty funny...but unconsciously whenever am going home I can't help but hope there won't be a repeat performance(lol)

Monday, July 18, 2011


I havent blogged in ages...except like on saturday night I think..and am trying to start again but I wonder will it be the same without the friends I made here? Afrobabe, Nikkisab, Florida, LG, Isi, Jinta, Atutupoyoyo, Carlang, Nyemoni, mention but a few...those peeps made my blog world rock...and now they're gone(sad face) now am I going to start re-blogging, hoping to discover new blogspots; not forgetting every one mentioned above...will love and miss u all...o yea, i discovered a new one...luscious curves...great writing..and uh...wat else?

yea....peace and love

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Here's the deal...I suck at descriptions...I suck a ddresses and street names..sometimes I even suck at I use the most popular thing known to man....yup, usually takes the form of buildings, objects, even I have discovered a new landmark...d 5th of July 2011...I had a very interesting conversation with my elder sister...made an absolutely stunning, gorgeous, mind-blowing new friend, and dis night, I read a very inspiring blog post by my younger sister that happened to be written on that very was an intersting day, the 5th of July...the beginning of many more intersting days to