Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Every one wants more money in their pockets somehow....me especially, so I applied for a different position in my office that offers higher pay...I get the position(yaaaaaaaaaaaaay)..but its in anoda state..the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria(Abuja) to be exact...so yours truly will not be blogging for a while bcos she'll need to settle in...arrange one or two things[a flippin'laptop and ISP being part of dem]..but I PROMISE I WILL BE BACK....am so sad bcos missing a day is like missing a bazzillion years on blogsville...well until then I love you all.mwuah!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Question for you

Ehh ehhh errrrmmmmm.....am here again..I need a little help guys..I came across this and I have no idea wat to do whatsoever so I need your input..no man is an island you know(lol)..ok so here goes the question..you have to fill in the blanks:

Who said fill in the blank is very easy? Try this.
Fill in the blank with Yes or No. "___, I am not a normal person."
ok o.....i dey wait una...........

Monday, May 5, 2008


Tagged by: afrobabe, nwayiocha

1. Link the person/people who tagged you(check!)
2. Mention the rules in your blog(wat do we call dat check? think so)
3. Mention six(6) spectacular quirks of urs(hope dey'll qualify)
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by adding their links(i think)
5. Let each of the tagged bloggers know they've been tagged..via their blogs(ok!)

now the quirks(like I said hope they qualify):
1. I dont like akara(bean cakes).........I watch people eat but I so detest it...ave forfeited many a breakfast bcos of that habit

2. I often see letters in a particular order and read them out in anoda order(its been so with me for years dont know y)

3. I'm absolutely terrible at describing things, places or people.....

4. I cant tell jokes...I try but I can't...I'm eida laughing so hard you miss the jokes or so shy I dont say it..sometimes if I do say it/them...it dont really sound so funny(poor me)

5. I have such an imaginative mind I tell myself stories virtually all the time..before I know it am mumbling to myself(esp in public)...[havent I said something like this before?????]

6. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'm not really good at masturbating...I've tried but I find it a bit frustrating cause I find myself wanting the real deal...I only do wat I call 'part-wanking' (it aint much fun trust me)

OK so i tag nikkisab, anon gal; princesa, uzezi, oluwadee and errrrrrr.........sha.....get on it guys...have fun(wink)