Tuesday, March 5, 2013

25 things I'd say to 20 year old me

First off, Happy New Year all…I trust 2013 is doing not too badly? Great… So I’m leafing through twitter, and I see d above topic and it sort of moves me…I decide, yea, I have a few things to say to my 20yr old self if by some science fiction thingy am teleported to the past just for a few minutes for the sole purpose of preventing some mistakes,(totally a figment of imagination of course). Here we go *ahem*: 1. Do not neglect The Lord your God…only He can see you through life. 2. Do not fall for the guy from Ekiti u meet during ur nysc years…you deserve better. 3. You will most likely meet a guy from the South-South(akwa ibom I think)…give him a chance…he means well. 4. If by chance you fail to do that do not date/sleep with the tall fair guy you meet afterwards…he doesn’t love you. 5. Focus a lot on prayer, and intake of The Word and fellowship with brethren. 6. Tell God you need to know Him, His ways…you need Him to Lead you. 7. Do meaningful stuff..(Get professional qualifications, have a lot of investments, invest in looking good). 8. If you can, relocate to where your elder sis is and stay there….where you think you are does not have the opportunities and exposure you require. 9. If by chance you meet the old friend in your school days who you thought you really liked(who also hails from Ekiti), and you want to date him, DON’T!!!!! Seriously, DON’T… 10. If you meet a guy who happens to be your Dad’s townsman…give him a chance too..he’s nice even if you don’t think so.. 11. You know what, I think you should tell God you want to abstain till that special day…believe me..indulging is overated. 12. Doing whatever you want because you can does NOT guarantee happiness and satisfaction…do not be deceived…God’s Way is the BEST way. 13. You would most likely meet a tall, fair, HANDSOME, comfortable/wealthy guy from a part of your state(not necessarily ur dad’s side), and you will like him SO MUCH…tell him how you feel so he can politely turn you down…maybe dat will help u forget him and move on quickly. 14. Do not date/sleep with any guy you meet who works/worked with your elder sister…bad market(future joke). 15. Do not date/sleep with a guy you knew in ur uni days…not anyone he knows(trust me…bad move). 16. Do not put yourself in a position where you feel slighted and cheated and used by any male…u can actually avoid dat..so pls do….at all costs!!!! 17. Don’t borrow so much…and don’t spend too much either…oh btw, you’ll have a serious thing for smartphones…so buy worthwhile, durable, not-so-expensive ones. 18. Never neglect your friends(male and female). 19. You need to learn to say ‘NO’.... a lot!!!! …don’t be scared, you won’t get beat up or killed…highest you’d get is a sulk and a few mad looks. 20. I know you hate fights, but don’t let people get away with doing stuff that leaves you grossly inconvenienced…emotionally and otherwise. 21. People like getting away with a lot of stuff…let NO ONE escape…(Er…try do it nicely so u won’t be labelled a psycho) 22. In a nutshell, all I've being saying is be bold. 23. Learn how to save…you will need that habit. 24. Animes rock #justsaying 25. Never forget, God’s Way is the best way. Phew!!!!!!!!!!!! So what would you say to your 20 year old self? Let it rip(lol)… [Not bad for a first post of the year(lol)]

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Introducing Animes

aaarrrhhhh tried to post this on wordpress; couldn't, so I will try to post it here...I am going to talk about something I absolutely love. Animes or otherwise referred to as manga. They are stories in comic forms, and depending on how good they are, are converted to television series(cartoon of course). In Japan, animes lovers are branded 'otakus'..so yea, I have become an otaku(hahahaha). So without further ado(the good stuff I wrote on wordpress seems to have vanished from my mind completely), I will introduce a few of my favorite tv series..I am not really a comic fan because the tv series have all the action, great soundtracks, etc etc etc.....here goes. Bleach: It's a popular series that has run for over ten(10) years, written by Tite Kubo; about a fifteen(15) year old boy(when it began) now seventeen(17), who is able to see the dead. He one day runs into a death god(Shinigami in Japanese), and finds himself in all manner of battles to save his home, friends and even his neighbourhood...I love it because it has amazing soundtracks, is crazy funny, is action-packed and tiptoes around romance(hahahaha) Next up, is Naruto: This is the story of a kid who lost his parents at birth, the human vessel of a nine-tailed beast capable of wreaking great havoc on the earth if given the chance, hated, feared by his villagers, but doesn't let that defeat him..instead, he proves himself in battle as a student, ninja, team-mate and gradually begins to earn the respect of his villagers. It ran for two hundred and twenty(220) episodes..that is roughly five(5) years, and it has a sequel. Naruto Shippudden: This is the sequel of naruto, and is still running...Oh, did I mention the naruto series was written by a Masashi Kishimoto? Didn't think so..Hahaha. So, Shippudden is about the same Naruto Character, only older. It is still running, and has released over two hundred and fifty (250) episodes. One piece: Written by Eiichiro Oda, this anime has been run for fifteen(15) years and it is still running..its about a seventeen(17) year old boy who becomes a pirate with the objective of becoming the "Pirate King" and his sojourn to that title... love it crazy. Gintama: Ran for nine(9) years, about a samurai in an era where samurais hardly existed anymore, operates an odd jobs facility, gained more respect than the city Governor..hahahahaha...its a full comedy, everyday kind of thing. Written by Hideaki Sorachi. Really cool. Finally(getting a little pooped here), we have good old Fairy Tail: It is set in "the era of magic"...and is about an organisation that runs the best magic facility around...If I may say, this has one of the best soundtracks I have listened to. Has great action, comedy, and equally tip toes around romance(hahaha). It is written by Hiro Mashima, and has run for six(6) years. Okay, so this is the first part of my introduction to anime world, I will think of another aspect of the anime industry I will introduce you to. *wink*.. love you guys..and I hope wordpress gets this.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

this coin

oooooss...minna-san(Japanese for hi everyone)...you will all excuse me, I have become an anime/manga addict...for those who don't know what that is, it is simply a Japanese story in form of a series...that is actually gist for another day...today I stumbled on two(2) articles that I could not help but share... it talks about marriage....the title is this coin..because it concerns a topic as old as mankind..marriage(interestingly, I attended a wedding ceremony today)....and I saw a writer give her candid opinion in that regard, and read another candid response from another writer...so I will post the links, and you guys go read them..... Frankly, I lean more towards the first article I read...because inasmuch as the writer is a three time divorcee, she had some pretty insightful opinions which could have been formed through experience. The article to me is self explanatory, and yes, has some good ideas one can imbibe...you must not do EVERTYTHING EVERYONE around you says... However, I do understand the second writer, she is leaning more towards self growth and development which is necessary as an individual. So, without further ado, may I present Tracy McMillan in "This is why you are not married" vs Teri Jenson in "Why You're not married anymore" If possible, I would like to know your own thoughts on this as you read....I put this up because I noticed I still have one or two passer-bys who happen to leaf through this site; I thank you for passing by, and crave your indulgence one more time. Arigatou minna-san(Thank you everyone)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

here again

Dis blogsville is pretty boring these days o....hmmm..where's d action people???(Lol)

Ok so I have noticed d year is over again...august is around d corner, and am asking myself, how has d year been so far..in two words, not bad....stuff has happened..bombings, bomb scares, I got an armed robber scare in my neighbour hood once(unforgettable)..in fact since ders nothing to do lemme gist u....one fateful evening on my way home from work...armed with a parcel I had picked up early that day, and my takeaway dinner(I happened to eat out), the cab driver and I were engaged in small talk till we got to a turn leading to my estate gate...we saw people running off and cars speeding away...the cab guy said "armed robbers"...and put off d car, opened d door and ran off..I was momentarily stunned and in a state of panic opened d door and ran off..lucky for me my bag was on my lap so I grabbed that, and my food but not my parcel and bolted...I had never known fear like that night...I thought of getting shot, or beaten...and I kept feeling I wasn't fast enough bcos people kept passing me....now where was I running to? There happened to be a short cut to my estate..and that's where I was headed..but in my confusion ran into some sort of barricade...I wanted to hide there but I feared being found out so I took off again...theeeeen I noticed d running had stopped and people were asking what the hell was going on...I heard an angry person remark "una dey run una no even look wetin dey make u run"....of course I wasn't going to walk back to d gate so I promptly took d short cut and got home...called my sisters and my dad...and gisted them when I got home...in retrsopect it was pretty funny...but unconsciously whenever am going home I can't help but hope there won't be a repeat performance(lol)

Monday, July 18, 2011


I havent blogged in ages...except like on saturday night I think..and am trying to start again but I wonder will it be the same without the friends I made here? Afrobabe, Nikkisab, Florida, LG, Isi, Jinta, Atutupoyoyo, Carlang, Nyemoni, Unnaked...to mention but a few...those peeps made my blog world rock...and now they're gone(sad face)....so now am I going to start re-blogging, hoping to discover new blogspots; not forgetting every one mentioned above...will love and miss u all...o yea, i discovered a new one...luscious curves...great writing..and uh...wat else?

yea....peace and love