Saturday, June 2, 2012

this coin

oooooss...minna-san(Japanese for hi everyone) will all excuse me, I have become an anime/manga addict...for those who don't know what that is, it is simply a Japanese story in form of a series...that is actually gist for another I stumbled on two(2) articles that I could not help but share... it talks about marriage....the title is this coin..because it concerns a topic as old as mankind..marriage(interestingly, I attended a wedding ceremony today)....and I saw a writer give her candid opinion in that regard, and read another candid response from another I will post the links, and you guys go read them..... Frankly, I lean more towards the first article I read...because inasmuch as the writer is a three time divorcee, she had some pretty insightful opinions which could have been formed through experience. The article to me is self explanatory, and yes, has some good ideas one can must not do EVERTYTHING EVERYONE around you says... However, I do understand the second writer, she is leaning more towards self growth and development which is necessary as an individual. So, without further ado, may I present Tracy McMillan in "This is why you are not married" vs Teri Jenson in "Why You're not married anymore" If possible, I would like to know your own thoughts on this as you read....I put this up because I noticed I still have one or two passer-bys who happen to leaf through this site; I thank you for passing by, and crave your indulgence one more time. Arigatou minna-san(Thank you everyone)

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