Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Am baaaaaaaack

Hallo all

I see I've been sorely missed by my main sweetheart afrobabe....and other sweethearts like Isi, Nyemoni, Solomonsydelle, and others I failed to mention(sorry)...allow me to apologise for the long silence I was on leave and had very limited access to the web..the best I could do was publish comments...I just responded to them today.
Well dont ask me how my leave was cause ders no story to tell..I spent it snoozing, eating, snoozing, eating, er...**********(ahem) etc etc..
All in all its good to be back but I should inform in advance I'll be gone again in a week's time for about a week.....

So....what have I missed?





Ah, stop messing with me. I can't stand all this delayed gratification, nonsense. Haba!

Onome, am I first or not? I don vex finish I dey go.


Onome said...

@solomonsydelle:roflmao...madam madam u are first oooooooooo(lol)

Afrobabe said...

Na lie oh...u cant mess with our heads...what was all that ********(ahem) you did?

Is it what I think????????????????

For real Onome remove this moderator rubbish jare...who dey chase u?

Onome said... chic wat are u thinking oooooo(lol) i said d moderator is for trying out new things!!!!