Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love Questions Every Guy Asks Himself

-Culled from Cosmopolitan.com

Its been AGGEESSSSS since I blogged...but I saw this really interesting article and decided to post it.....:-D....i'll be back in grand style again...SOOOONNNEEESSTTTTT!

Love Questions Every Guy Asks Himself
All men make internal queries at critical relationship moments to decide whether to stick around or stick a fork in it.
On a First Date
What's she like in bed?

If I don’t get laid tonight, will this end early enough for me to meet up with friends?

But...will I get laid tonight?

Is that a superultraw├╝nderbra or are her breasts that incredible?

Does she think I’m funny?

Do I tell her she has a piece of lettuce stuck in her teeth or do I hope it works itself loose before she looks in a mirror and completely freaks out?

Does she always wear this much makeup?

Are lulls in the conversation first-date awkwardness or a sign that she has nothing to say?

Would doing this again be worth the time and money?

Before Getting Serious
Am I really willing to give up on other potentials for her?

Would I be proud to introduce her to my folks?

That girl I always see at the gym seems into me, so seriously, am I really willing to give up on other potentials?

Will my friends like her?

Will she let me see my friends?

Would I have fun if I took a long vacation with her?

Will I think her “charming quirks” are actually “annoying pathology” in six months?

At some point down the road, can I see myself perhaps beginning to maybe think about the chance that I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of marrying her?

Before Getting Married

I love the way things are, so will marriage change anything?

Is she gonna go bonkers while planning the wedding?

Will she eventually look as MILF-hot (or troll-like) as her mom does?

Can I handle her insane family for the rest of my life…and can she handle mine?

Will she be a good mother?

She may work now, but do I make enough money to support her and a family if I need to?

Will I ever be able to spend time by myself again?

Do I know I can count on her in a crisis?

Can I be happy never having sex with another woman for the rest of...my...life?

NB....Guys...is dis true????


Afrobabe said...

hmmm...will wait for the guys to respond to this one...

Onome said...

yaaayyyy afrobabeeee!!!


wow, I have to also wait for more guys to comment.

Onome, how now? You have been mia, sha.

Rita said...

The guys should come and talk true...

Onome said...

@solomonsydelle:hi my big sista..how's everything..dont just mind me jare ooo..me and my sluggishness in getting internet at home(lol)
@rita:abi....dem no wan show now

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman and I have the same thoughts, I ask myself the same questions so I guess it could be true.

fluffycutething said...

See now all the men are refusing to talk!!!


D-a-r-l-i-n-g, it's my first time on your blog. I can't comment. I don't know you yet / well - how you write, why you blog, if you Personal Assistant blogs on your behalf, etc. These days of cold / computer virus, I just don't want to catch anything. Consider this as my "wait and see" comment. Okay? Remember when you mama told you not to talk to strangers? It's something like that here - about not knowing a person well and commenting on their blog. You get me? Its like sex on a first date. Some people won't. I would. I wouldn't comment on a blog on the first time. There's a huge difference between sex and commenting on a blog on the first time on the page... With sex, there's instant gratification, but with commenting on a blog, one gets zilch. I'd feel d-i-r-t-y, used and abused... So, darling,... maybe next time, ..maybe,.. but d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y not tonight that is my first time here. I have standards and reputation to maintain. Ciao.

Onome said...

@sexwriter:really? hmm..thanx for stopping by
@secretdiary:LMAO....LOL!!!babes u are a scream..i presume u're a chic..thanks for stopping by anyways

OluwaDee said...

Why hasnt any guy responded????

Howz work?

Anonymous said...

i really wonder what goes on in guys head

Tininu said...

cough, cough!!! *As the first guy to grace the comment box on this* all i can say is...it is going to take a whole post to try and answer this and i will write one