Saturday, December 15, 2007


Ok I said I would post my answers once satisfied with the responses I got for the questions I far so good

question: would I stay if my sweetie strayed...if we're married well yes, if not...most likely not

my three worst movie endings....matrix revolution, pirates of the carribeans at world's end, and.......helen of troy!!!!!

is it wrong to date a friend's ex?Well, am not so sure really....some say it depends some say yes, some say no...I believe we live in a world where anything can if at all you and ur friend's ex find some connection all of a sudden, venture into carefully....dont rub it in your friend's face(phew!!! long reply)

wat's d best way to console a friend with pre-wedding jitters? I have absolutely no idea....(hehehehehe))...shiver with her/him maybe???

what do I do with newly wed friends?? give them time to adjust to married life and am so positive i'll be asking how they're finding married life(lol)

if my friend(s) is into illegal business and I find out, I'll first tell him/her to cease and desist(which am pretty sure he/she wont do) , then bolt!! I try na abi...

OK so facebook and restricted sites are open early hours of the morning, late evening and weekends(heeheehee) so I can roam around den and er......u get d idea :p

Now......any more answers???? the more the merrier u know :-D


Ebonne said...

just taking a stab at being the first to

since I already answered the questions!

Onome said...

@ebonne:hehehehe thanks babes:-) how're u doin'?

Sassy said...

very very interesting :-)

Afrobabe said...

Mery christmassssssssssssssssssssss

Onome said...

@sassy: thanks dearie:-D
@afrobabe: Merry Christmas too darling................huggie hugs!!!

Florida of Free Spirit said...

very nice one. first timer here.

I knw it's probably selfishness, but no i don't think i'd like it if my friend dated my ex. I sure won't date hers, so there

Onome said...

@florida of free spirit: lol...ok babes no shaking but ur ex is ur ex...u shouldnt be bothered...thanks for stopping by:-)

Carlang said...

Prior to today, up until 5 minutes ago, i was convinced that the only person who never had fun on Christmas day was Santa Claus himself.

Whilst everyone was indoors midst the snow , rain or harmattan, Yours truly was busy cavorting around the sky and stuffing himself into chimney holes.
Whatever delight and fun he might have obtained from this most unusual ( and dirty) of acts was long gone with the monotony of doing the same thing over and over again.

Sitting in a sleigh, groaning Ho Ho Ho and watching the butts of kicking reindeers in front of him, it was hard to find a sorrier picture.
Merry Christmas.

That was until 5 minutes ago.

It might please you to know that you're currently sharing the worst Christmas experience with Santa.
It certainly did please him

"Are you serious? "
Santa asked me as i shared this most alarming of news with him.
With a sad huff and a shake of head I assured him it was so.

He beamed happily at me?
"A woman you say? My my. And a Nigerian too? I have heard so much about delights of the Nigerian female."
He rubbed his stomach with a gleam in his eye.
He looked at me.
"Maybe this time i will have my Christmas present! What's her number?"

Onome said...

@carlang...i just realized after one whole year dat u commented ON THE WRONG POST!!!!!!.....dang it wat is wrong with me????